Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tea Cola created by Indian scientists!

A new concoction, referred to as the "tea cola", has recently been developed by Indian scientists.  The tea cola combines tea extracts from traditional Assamese tea with cola.

Two varieties of the tea cola have been developed - one made from the extracts of black tea and the other from green tea.

The tea cola is likely to be available in retail outlets in six months and will cost half the price of popular soft drinks.

Proponents of the tea cola say that the drink boasts the wide-ranging health benefits of traditional tea.

"This tea cola has got high anti-oxidant properties so it will act against stress. People suffering from stress...they (develop) certain toxic molecules. And it acts against the toxic molecules, specially the toxic oxidants they have developed.", asserts Dr. Pradeep Tamuli, in charge of biochemistry at the Tocklai Tea Experimentation Station.

The Tocklai Tea Experimentation Station in India's northeastern Assam state is the world's biggest facility for tea research.

It took scientists there three years to concoct the tea cola, and although a patent is still pending, the research facility is already marketing the drink to the health conscious.

China and Japan have introduced similar drinks - but the Indian researchers claim to have the edge.

Dr Tamuli said, "We have the advantage over them...that the taste of our tea soft drinks is comparatively better to Japanese and Chinese because of the special chemical constituents of Assam tea."

Local traders project that the tea cola will add some fizz to the tea industry in Assam - once among the biggest in the world.

Upen Dutta, Tea Trader, said, "In the future, the tea cola will not only prove immensely beneficial to the consumer, it will also help rescue the recession in Assam's once vibrant tea industry. The sagging industry here (will get) a new life."

There are several other interesting tea-products in the pipeline, including the world's first chewable tea pill and the tea cake for the serious tea enthusiast.

The marketing department at the Tocklai Tea Experimentation Centre says people are tired of boring old tea in a cup. Variety and a little innovation is what they want.


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