Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tea For Diabetes

Various types of tea have been recommended for use to prevent, treat and combat diabetes.
In addition to conventional medicine, there has been growing acceptance from the populace of the natural and traditional methods of treating diabetes.

Diabetes is an ailment in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, the hormone that converts sugar and other food into energy.
The most common type of diabetes seen today is Type II diabetes, where insulin is produced (though sometimes not in a high enough quantity), but is not used properly.
This situation results in a higher than normal level of blood glucose in the body.
Type I diabetes is diagnosed in childhood, and results from an inability to produce insulin.

Compounds in certain types of tea have been known to help keep insulin levels constant in the blood, helping to regulate it naturally.
Other types of tea act on and prevent the effects of complications of diabetes by going against the enzymes that produce these complications.

Traditional Chinese, Indian and other Asian treatments against diabetes make use of herbs and tea infusions.

Here are some of the teas that can be used to help in the overall fight against diabetes:

  •     Green Tea
  •     Black Tea
  •     Oolong Tea
  •     White Tea
  •     Agaricus Tea
  •     Alfalfa Tea
  •     Allspice Tea
  •     Andrographis Tea
  •     Artichoke Leaf Tea
  •     Banaba Tea
  •     Bilberry Tea
  •     Bitter Melon Tea
  •     Buchu Tea
  •     Burdock Tea
  •     Centaury Tea
  •     Chaga Tea
  •     Chamomile Tea
  •     Cordyceps Tea
  •     Damiana Tea
  •     Dandelion Tea
  •     Essiac Tea
  •     Eucommia Tea
  •     Fenugreek Tea
  •     Flax Tea
  •     Ginkgo Biloba Tea
  •     Ginseng Tea
  •     Goat's Rue Tea
  •     Goldenseal Tea
  •     Gymnema Tea
  •     Hyssop Tea
  •     Jasmine Tea
  •     Neem Tea
  •     Plantain Tea
  •     Periwinkle Tea
  •     Psyllium Tea
  •     Reishi Tea
  •     Tulsi Tea
  •     Turkey Rhubarb Tea
  •     Turmeric Tea
  •     Wheatgrass Tea
  •     Wild Cherry Bark Tea
  •     Yerba Mate Tea


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