Monday, January 19, 2015

Hot Tea believed to improve general well-being!

A cup of hot tea is believed to impart several health benefits to drinkers. Hot tea is believed to improve the heart, reduce cancer risk, help the skin and contribute to general well-being. 

Experts have said that tea has better health benefits if it is heated. The heat acts as an instrument to transfer the antioxidants in the tea leaves to the water. Although tea can still have many benefits if it is cool, it slows down the digestive system, Hawkins said.

The best way to prepare the hot tea is to heat water until it boils, then pour it into a cup with the tea. Leave the tea in the cup for several minutes, usually between five and 20 minutes. If roots are used in the tea, they will probably need to be boiled in water for 10 to 20 minutes.

Experts further recommend not using tap water because the chemicals used to clean the water may change the taste of the tea. People can add milk or honey to tea but some antioxidants may be diluted, hence the health benefits might not be as potent. 

Green and black tea are among the most popular types of tea that can be enjoyed hot. Both include caffeine and health benefits. 

There are also many teas that are derived from herbs, roots and barks. Most of these usually have unique medicinal benefits to the drinker.


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